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Positive Behavior Intervention System

Welcome to Ravinia’s STAR(S) PBIS Page

Ravinia PBIS Behavior Expectations
     A-Academic Attitude
The purpose of STAR(S) at Ravinia School is to promote a positive learning community in a consistent manner by:

  • Teaching clearly defined school-wide expectations
  • Teaching responsible decision-making
  • Teaching ownership of choices

What is PBIS?

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) is a systems approach to preventing and responding to classroom and school discipline problems. PBIS develops school-wide systems that support staff to teach and promote positive, appropriate behavior in all students. This process focuses on improving the positive behavior of all students. Emphasis is directed toward developing and maintaining safe learning environments where teachers can teach and students can learn.

How does it work?

A key strategy of the PBIS process is prevention. The majority of students follow the school behavioral expectations; however, are rarely acknowledged for their positive behavior. Through instruction, understanding, and regular practice, all stakeholders learn and apply a consistent set of behavior expectations and rules.

At Ravinia, the PBIS Team is composed of staff members including classroom teachers, related arts teachers, resource teachers, and the principal. The Building PBIS Team meets regularly to analyze behavioral data, create visuals to advertise school expectations, create "cool tools" or lessons for staff to use with students, develops and maintains a building-level reinforcement system, informs parents and community members about PBIS activities, assists the administration in developing a continuum for managing inappropriate behaviors and are cheerleaders for the PBIS process in the school.

The teachers implement the plans developed by a team of Ravinia staff. They actively work with the students in understanding classroom rules based on the Ravinia STAR(S) expectations of safety, teamwork, academic attitude, and respect.  They further teach the "cool tools" to the children, monitor student behavior and acknowledge and reward appropriate behaviors with stars.  This is a system for rewarding students for showing good behavior.  Students receive a STAR(S) card and put their name on it to be entered in a drawing for recognition.


The Ravinia PBIS Team has developed the Ravinia STAR(S) Behavior Matrix for appropriate behaviors which are expected of all children within the classroom as well as in non-classroom situations, i.e. hallways, bathrooms, lunchroom, arrival, dismissal, playground, bus. These expectations are taught to the children through "Cool Tools" which are explained and reinforced by Ravinia staff members. The matrices are to help address problem areas seen in each building.  These are posted throughout the school building.

Cool Tools

Cool Tools are lessons that have been designed to teach children appropriate behaviors. Ravinia staff has designed cool tools for expected behaviors in the classroom, lunchroom, arrival, dismissal, hallways, bathrooms, playground, and the bus.